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We live in a world full of distractions — But even with our cell phones, earbuds, and all the background noise a bustling city creates, it’s hard to miss the resounding sound of a car alarm. Car alarms not only capture and sustain our attention, but they also detect an intrusion and protect our vehicles. However, what about protecting our bikes with alarms too? According to the National Bike Registry, “thousands of bicycles disappear each day.”

That’s why Abus, the German manufacturer of reliable security technology, created a bike alarm that unleashes such a powerful noise, that thieves are sure to run scared. The battery-operated Bordo Alarm 6000A is a folding lock model for easy mobility.

Here’s What It Does:

The new Bordo Alarm has a 3-D movement sensor that detects even the smallest movements, eliciting a series of loud beeps. Bigger movements provoke a 100-decibel alert that persists for a full 20 seconds. Even after the alarm sets off, it continues to detect oncoming movements. Also, its unique hinge design lets it fall like a folding measuring tape. Furthermore, Abus doesn’t mess around with their alarm’s build; made of solid steel, its smooth coating won’t harm your bike frame.

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