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Owner of Tesla Locked Out of Car and Out of Cell Range

Written by: Rhiannon Williams

A Tesla driver managed to lock himself out of his car after he used his smartphone to start the vehicle and left the keys at home. Ryan Negri, an angel investor in the US, went for a drive in Red Rock Canyon at the weekend to take some pictures of the newly fallen snow. Unfortunately, as Tesla models require a network connection to unlock using a smartphone, Mr. Negri and his wife were locked out of the car. His wife Amy ran two miles to find a signal and managed to call a friend to pick her up to retrieve the keys from home, as spotted by Recode.

Tesla has been experimenting with keyless driving for several years. Owners of Tesla’s Model S cars can unlock it, start the car and drive away, entirely independent of a key, given they have an internet connection. It also locks automatically once the doors are closed. Tesla Model 3: what you need to know While such technological advances offer much in the way of convenience, they can also present new dangers. Late last year, researchers from Norwegian security firm Promon found Tesla vehicles were easily trackable via vulnerabilities in the company’s app. The team was also able to unlock and take control of some of the car’s functions. In October Tesla announced that all future models will come equipped with the necessary hardware to drive free from human intervention.

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