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This is the result of a Kick-In Attack on the front door of a residential home. 

70% of all robberies and home invasions are from this method of entry.

Now learn how to protect yourself from this type of entry method. Not long ago, over a two week period, our company had eight calls from Bakersfield Residents that had been the victims of door “KICK-IN” type attacks on their homes. Luckily all the attacks occurred when the occupants were not home. However; depending on the intentions of the assailant, this type of attack could have easily occurred when someone was home. The culprits involved with those are believed to have been caught, but there are hundreds more out there waiting to take advantage of a poorly secured property.

The point of this is to inform you that your home is not as secure as you may have thought, but that securing your property from this type of attack is just a phone call away. As the owner and operator of a Lock and Security Hardware business I can say that I usually get a call to re-key or replace broken lock sets AFTER. . . something bad has already happened. Most people have never even had their locks re-keyed since they moved in. Most people don’t really pay attention to what kind of locks are on their doors until there is a problem with them.

Most of the residential locks I see are common locks that can be purchased in any hardware store in town. But did you know that the best locks to have are not the ones sold in local hardware stores where anyone can buy one, and see how to defeat it. Almost all the locks sold in the hardware stores are made of pot metal or junk metal. There are plastics that are stronger than these locks. If you are in the least bit concerned with your safety and security then the last place you want to buy your locks or home security hardware is from a MART or a DEPOT. When it comes to security you want to put the best lock you can on and. . . REINFORCE your DOOR JAMBS.

No lock or security hardware was ever designed to keep someone out permanently, what they were designed for was to create considerable inconvenience to breaking in. Hardware store locks create no degree of inconvenience whatsoever. Better locks and security hardware buys you time. Time is your best weapon against unauthorized entry. In most cases, an intruder will pass on your property the moment they see security hardware they do not recognize. Tough looking locks and security hardware are all strong indicators of the time it will take a burgler to get into a property. Which is an indication of RISK FACTOR. Low risk homes are all over, high risk homes are not. I’d rather be considered a high risk home to an intruder, rather than a simple target.

Best of all. Let’s say that even after seeing all of this someone still decides to attempt to break and enter your home, AT LEAST. you will know that they wont be kicking in through the door jamb wood with physical security hardware on your property. Put good locks on and they will be picking, hammering, drilling for a very long time before getting through. With good locks and physical security hardware on the property you provide limited options for entry to your property. There are other security measures to do with regards to the windows, but I’ll save that for a later article, since a very small number of break-ins occur through windows these days giving this new method of snatch and grab entry tactic. In most cases they won’t be trying to break into your property at all because the risk factor will exceed the reward factor that can be achieved someplace else for less risk. There are plenty of other homes with no physical security hardware and $20 DEPOT-MART locks on the entry/exit doors.

Investing in your home’s physical security is priceless, but it doesn’t have to cost you a priceless price to do it. Many people carry a home owner’s insurance policy, and that is great, especially when you want to file a claim for something you have already lost. In all cases a home owner’s policy is great for replacing things; but what about the irreplaceable things? That is why the insurance of physical security is worth more than financial insurance.

If you are going to purchase insurance for after the fact, doesn’t it make sense to purchase insurance for before the fact? Good physical security is your Before the Fact insurance. It protects you from having to file a claim in the first place.

The point of this all was to inform you that your home is not secure, and that it is a very simple thing to fix. If you or someone you know is interested better physical home security, call Tumblers Locksmith Service. We are insured, bonded and CA Locksmith Licensed LCO4993, and we are also California licensed Lock & Security Hardware Contractors. #965005.