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Security Without Feeling Watched – Introducing Angee

The most prevalent concern people have with filling their homes with security cameras is privacy. They don’t want to feel watched while they are at home. However, one camera release came up with a smart solution to the issue of spying or privacy. Introducing the smart camera Angee, a crowdfunded smart camera released in 2015 now ships to its backers.

Angee is able to rotate 360-degrees. Therefore, the camera spins around and faces a wall once you’re home. The camera spin feature solves the problem of feeling watched once you return home. However, does the camera stand out much? Other similar cameras already exist in the market like Netatmo Home.

Netatmo and Apple’s HomeKit system

Netatmo’s camera watches your front entrance and notifies you when an intruder approaches your home. However, Netatmo’s products use the Apple’s HomeKit system, which makes the user’s options more flexible. Angee’s team did comment that they are not opposed to introducing integrations like Netatmo in the future.

Keeping the User in Mind

It’s interesting to see more companies think about the issue of privacy and ‘feeling spied on’ while most other companies are not. Angee remarked that buyers bought their cameras through Kickstarter  — over 1,300 sold — and that they should receive their cameras within a six week period. However, according to Jacob Kastrenakes from The Verge, the company wishes to put the camera for sale to the general public in March 2018.

Article Source: Jacob Kastrenakes from The Verge