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We tend to think of a locksmith as the guy who cuts a key or shows up to open your door when you lock yourself out. Maybe that was the case in 1979.

In 2019, with the advent of smart locks and rise of home surveillance, locksmithing is at times unrecognizable from its origins and changing rapidly. Tumblers is on the industry’s cutting edge.

“Probably 70 percent or maybe even higher of what we do is in the electronics world in some way, shape or form!

The job isn’t just locks and keys anymore.

“At least once a week someone will come in to have a key made and they’ll say, ‘Oh, I didn’t know you have all these safes,’ or, ‘You do cameras,’ or fill in the blank”.

“It’s very difficult to convey in a brief way what all we do. It’s pretty broad spectrum.”

There are still traditional locksmiths who work only with old school mechanical locks, and there are companies that are strictly in the electronics side of home security. Tumblers Lock & Key married the two to stay ahead of the curve.